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TV – Print – In-store

Director : Adriano Falconi

Are all generic pharma labs...generic ? Mylan thinks not. Their desire to stand apart by providing ongoing patient support « beyond the pill » was the impetus for this new compelling territory : « Inspired by the Caregivers ». This ongoing campaign significantly shifted perception of Mylan from anonymous laboratory to caring, supportive partner.


TV – Print

Director : Carolina Sasha Cogez

We launched this legendary PPI in a highly regulated market, using

a veiled reference to antacids that only sufferers would understand :

The repeated reaching for antacid relief when the pain strikes, as a means of getting people with heartburn to switch to Nexium’s preventive treatment.


Pitch - Digital

How to position Advil as a daily pain reliever ? Create an web-series with almost daily installments featuring an average couple relying on fast pain relief whatever the situation.

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